"Rairoa" - endless sky

The atoll of Rangiroa and its immense lagoon offers breathtaking landscapes and corners of paradise. All destinations can be reached by fast boat.
-Blue Lagoon: situated in the south-west of the atoll, with incredible colors, from azure to green and cobalt blue;
- Ile-aux recifes: a journey which is much appreciated and recommended by the locals, an unusual almost lunar landscape side the ocean;
- Sable-roses: located on the farthest fringes of south-east atoll, a tongue of thin pink sand on the turquoise lagoon.

Rangiroa is also home to one of the most renowned "ferme perliere" (pearl cultivations) where the prestigious polynesian pearls are grown . You can join a guided tour of the cultivation plant and shopping at their boutique.



Excursions for everyone

Excursions by fast boat to easily reach the most beautiful and unspoiled sites of Rangiroa atoll.
"full day" excursion rates are always including a nice lunch at the destination.
We recommend that you bring with you sunscreen cream with high protection, sunglasses, a hat, fins, mask and snorkel.