“Te mana rahi o te moana” the mighty strength of the ocean

Like anywhere in the world, in Rangiroa you can perceived the great strengths of the of the ocean feeling the breath of the Pacific that enters into the lagoon of Rangiroa through the two lungs of the pass Tiputa and Avatoru.
Everything is bigger and numerous ... every meeting possible.
Large mantas huge groups of hundreds of gray sharks, hammerheads lonely Mokarran sharks (the large hammerehead shark), endless flights of eagle rays, not to mention the families of bottlenose dolphins that live in the Tiputa pass and have a particular fondness for divers paying with them in breathtaking pirouettes .
One thing is clear: diving at Ragiroa will leave a mark in your heart and indelible memories!


Diving centers

Several diving centers are located in Rangiroa offering you the most modern equipment and professional staff who will guide you during your dives in total relax and security.
The complete equipment, including BCD and regulator, are provided by the Dive Center and are included in the price ... a great comfort to travel light!
Also included in the price, diving centers provide customers pick up and back to their hotels after the dive ... another comfort!