Family pension according to Loyna

Sympathy, warmth, serenity and a smile every morning, you can find all of this Pension Loyna. Accommodation are nice, comfortable and all treated with the utmost in cleanliness; all rooms benefit of fresh airs from the garden. Coking is strictly family and you will taste all the local specialties personally prepared by Loyna, such as fish cooked in ways Mlti (raw coconut milk, baked ,...) or the delicious sweet coconut and vanilla.



Iaorana, Good Morning !

My name is Loyna Faarea and I was born in Rangiroa; I love my island, my people and my sea. Many years ago my father founded one of the first family pension in Rangiroa and I learned from him how charming and satisfactory is to welcome visitors helping them to discover beauties of our lovely island.

Pension Loyna
Avatoru BP 82
Tel/Fax: (689) 96 82 09